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The many sides of soccer: Cincinnati Saints, youth soccer and the World Cup

While the U.S. is still primarily a baseball and football country, over the last three decades what we call soccer (and the world calls football) has become extremely popular here on the youth, college and professional levels. And it will be easy to spot U.S. soccer fans once the World Cup gets underway June 12. With us to talk about the game’s growing popularity and offering a primer before the World Cup are Cincinnati Saints President and CEO David Satterwhite; Ohio South Youth Soccer president  and chair of the National Championships Committee for US Youth Soccer, Jim Martella;  and WVXU reporter and soccer fan, Tana Weingartner

*Correction: In the recorded the story that opens the second segment about soccer, we state that the USL Pro league is a step below Major League Soccer. It is actually two steps below.