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The Search For Missing Persons And Identifying Human Remains


As of December 31, 2013, the National Crime Information Center’s Missing Person File contained more than 84,000 active missing person records. And according to the National Institute of Justice, there are an estimated 40,000 unidentified human remains in the offices of the nation's medical examiners and coroners or were buried or cremated before being identified.

Joining us to discuss how missing persons cases are managed and how forensic scientists and researchers work to identify human remains, and help bring closure to families and loved ones, are Forensic Anthropologist and Professor of Biology at Mount St. Joseph University, Dr. Elizabeth Murray; and Cincinnati Police Detective Jason Hodge.

Dr. Elizabeth Murray published a book, "Death: Corpses, Cadavers, and other Grave Matters," for anyone interested in learning more about what happens to the body after death, and the role of the medical examiner.

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