2020 election

The 538 members of the Electoral College will cast their states’ votes for president today, including the 18 electors in Ohio. With the election certified last month, the Ohio electors will again cast their votes for Donald Trump, who won the state by almost the same margin as in 2016.

The results of the 2020 vote in Ohio have been officially certified as the highest turnout ever. Nearly three quarters of all registered voters cast ballots.

charmaine mcguffey
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If you follow local politics at all, you probably already know that the Hamilton County Democrats had a near sweep of county offices and judgeships.

Ohio’s Republican attorney general wants the US Supreme Court to overturn a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling extending the deadline for absentee ballots to be returned in that state.

President-elect Joe Biden won his race to the White House without carrying the state of Ohio. That means for the first time in 60 years, the state didn't help pick the president. It also leaves Ohio with millions of voters wishing the election had gone the other way.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden triumphed on Saturday after Pennsylvania was called pushing him over the 270 electoral votes needed to win, amasing a record 74.6 million votes and counting.

Democrat Joe Biden has secured the 270 Electoral College votes he needed to win the U.S. presidency, AP has reported, which makes this election the first time in 60 years that Ohio failed to choose the winner.

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President-elect Joe Biden called for healing and cooperation in his victory speech on Saturday night, striking an optimistic tone about the prospects for a renewed and reunited America.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden has been elected the 46th president of the United States, narrowly emerging victorious from a contentious White House campaign that stretched days past election night, as vote tallies in several swing states were slowed by an unprecedented surge in mail-in ballots.

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As we wait for election results to come in, religious leaders from Northern Kentucky gathered to encourage peace and unity for the nation.

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Election Day is over but for election workers, the hard task of ensuring the vote went off without a hitch will likely go on until mid-December. In Hamilton County, officials looked into reports of malfeasance and are still counting votes. 

There have been reports of voter intimidation and people voting more than once. Investigations into the claims did not pan out any concrete proof of either.

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About a year ago, Andy Beshear stood on stage at the C2 event space in downtown Louisville, declaring victory for his gubernatorial campaign.

"Tonight, voters in Kentucky sent a message loud and clear for everyone to hear," Beshear said. "It's a message that says our elections don't have to be about right versus left. They are still about right versus wrong."

Elections officials around Ohio are still sorting out a few final ballots trickling in through the mail, but one outcome is certain: President Donald Trump won Ohio by about the same 8-point margin he got in 2016.

2020 election results
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President Donald Trump and his campaign team are attempting to cast doubt on the outcome of the election, but former Vice President Joe Biden is calling for calm and for all the votes to be counted.

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As the world awaits vote tabulation in four states, activists in Cincinnati say they don't want to see the election stolen. At a Defend the Vote rally in Piatt Park Wednesday night, some speakers say they think Donald Trump will try.

President Donald Trump winning Ohio by 8-points over his Democratic challenger two elections in a row has strategists wondering if Ohio is now a solidly red state.

charmaine mcguffey
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It's a dream job for newly elected Charmaine McGuffey to take the reins at the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office. And now that she'll be leading the department, she's promising to bring big changes in the name of criminal justice reform and equity. 

alicia reece
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Donald Trump won Ohio again Tuesday, but Hamilton County was a deep blue holdout.

Democrats won all the races for county offices except prosecutor, along with an astounding nine of 13 judgeships - where party designations were not on the ballot.

Election Night 2020 was a bad night for Democrats and brought wins for Republicans on Ohio’s Capitol Square. But there were two races with a split decision.

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After more than a year of active campaigning, Election Day is over - but there are still votes to be counted in many parts of the country, with a wide swath of the electorate casting ballots by mail due to the pandemic.

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The Associated Press early Wednesday called President Trump as the winner of Ohio, a state with 18 electoral votes and one that many Democrats wrote off after Donald Trump won it by about 8 points in 2016, but that Joe Biden contested after polls showed a competitive race in recent months.

steve chabot kate schroder
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Despite some polls suggesting otherwise, incumbent Republican Rep. Steve Chabot was able to fight off a challenge from Democrat Kate Schroder Tuesday night with an amount that was larger than polls projected but smaller than the last time Chabot faced a tough competitor in 2018.

joe deters
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As of early Wednesday morning, Joe Deters seems to have retained his role as Hamilton County prosecutor and maintained his mantle as the lone Republican to hold office in the county, having 52% of the vote to former Judge Fanon Rucker's 47%, with a majority of precincts reporting Tuesday night. Rucker, however, has not yet conceded.

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The Hamilton County Board of Commission remains in Democratic hands after Tuesday's unofficial vote totals.

charmaine mcguffy
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With nearly all precincts reporting, Charmaine McGuffey has overcome Republican challenger Bruce Hoffbauer to become Hamilton County's first woman and openly LGBTQ sheriff, making her the highest-ranking woman in the history of the office.

brad wenstrup
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Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup has won a fifth term in the U.S. House over Democratic challenger Jaime Castle, with Tuesday night results showing the 62-year-old Cincinnati resident with 60% of the vote.

mitch mcconnell
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Mitch McConnell has won his seventh term in the U.S. Senate, defeating Democratic challenger Amy McGrath, according to the Associated Press. Shortly after 9:00 p.m., McConnell was ahead of McGrath by 20 percentage points statewide.

thomas massie
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Republican Rep. Thomas Massie has overcome a challenge from first time Democratic candidate Alexandra Owensby to retain his seat in Kentucky District 4, according to the Associated Press. Massie has held this seat for seven years.

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On the final day of voting, people in Ohio and Kentucky had an array of experiences at the polls depending on where they stopped in on Election Day during this particularly contentious election season. 

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Here's some free advice for anyone who plans to watch the election results Tuesday night (and likely into Wednesday morning). Take a tip from that noted sage of the baseball diamond, Yogi Berra – it ain't over until it's over.