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Saying the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect operations, GE Aviation, headquartered in Evendale, said Monday it will cut its global workforce by as much as 25%, or about 13,000 jobs. This includes already announced cuts.

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COVID-19 is hitting GE Aviation hard financially, prompting the Evendale-based company to cut 10% of its workforce in the U.S. That amounts to 2,600 jobs in Southwest Ohio.

GE Additive

GE Additive, a subsidiary of GE Aviation with test facilities in West Chester, is making aircraft engine parts so complex that better 3D printers are needed. It's partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a leader in additive manufacturing, for help in designing machines that can keep up.

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In an indictment unsealed Friday, the Justice Department alleges Russian and Italian nationals stole trade secrets from GE Aviation between 2013 and 2018. The arrest of Alexander Yuryevich Korshunov and Maurizio Paolo Bianchi come one year after a Chinese official was arrested for stealing trade secrets from the company.

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General Electric's aviation program was born in 1919 when the company boosted the power of biplanes taking off in Dayton. GE Aviation, headquartered in Evendale, recently celebrated its centennial. The company’s role in aviation is marked by accomplishments and contributions like creating the engines for American jet fighters in the 1950s and 1960s – enabling pilots and bombers to set speed records.

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Friday the Guinness Book of World Records declared GE Aviation's GE9X engine the world's most powerful jet engine. Complete with 134,000 lbs. of thrust and the most advanced technology and materials, it beat out the GE90, which previously held the record, as reported in this WVXU story.

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For the first time, a Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) operative has been extradited to the United States, according to the Justice Department. Yanjun Xu is jailed in Butler County on charges he conspired and attempted to commit economic espionage and theft of trade secrets.

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GE's Global Operations Center at The Banks, which officially opens Tuesday, is expected to pump $1 billion into the Cincinnati economy by 2018. Cincinnati is one of four such regional centers (The others are in Mexico, Hungary, and China) where GE is attempting to simplify, speed up and become more focused for its customers worldwide by bringing together shared services.

For example new contracts that used to take many months to review and sign are finished in a matter of days or hours with digital contracts.

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GE Aviation has transformed its wartime jet engine plant into a state-of-the-art facility with the ability to design and test lightweight composite materials for commercial jet engines of the future. In the process, the company has invested $144 million in 2014-2015 and says it will invest another $356 million by 2020.

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GE Aviation has come a long way since its rocket testing days sixty years ago.

Once so slow employees sold Christmas trees on the Adams County site, the Peebles Test Operation now does round-the-clock work testing more than 1600 engines a year at the 7,000-acre site.

GE Aviation

NOTE: This originally ran on January 15, 2014.

GE Aviation has so much faith in 3D printing that it will soon relocate its Sharonville facility to a much larger space. GE bought what used to be called Morris Technologies in 2012. Morris was the first to introduce 3D metallic based technology to North America.


The parent company of Evendale-based GE Aviation is expanding operations in Greater Cincinnati. General Electric will open its new U.S. Global Operations Center here, breaking ground sometime this summer.

GE says the shared services center will create 1,400 jobs.  GE's Joe Allen says, "When we're fully staffed and ready to go a few years from now, we could as many as 2,000 employees."

Ohio Governor John Kasich says, "This is the biggest job announcement and single job growth in a decade."

The company plans to be fully operational here by 2017.

GE Aviation

Ohio EPA Director Scott Nally, challenged by Governor John Kasich to outcompete neighboring states for jobs and capital, points to a plan his agency used with GE Aviation to fast track permits. What normally could take up to 18 months to approve took just five months. Because it was so successful, the system of using six people instead of two to process the permit may be modeled around the state and nation.

GE Aviation's urgency

GE Aviation

GE Aviation and University of Cincinnati Research Institute (UCRI) have signed an agreement to collaborate at the new GE Aviation Research Center in Evendale and its three labs. GE says, "the scope of this agreement marks a first in Ohio between a leading aerospace company and a leading university research institute."

The labs making up the new research center:

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GE's electrical power systems business, with an eye toward the increasing need for power on airplanes, is about to open the first of its kind research facility on the campus of the University of Dayton. The EPISCENTER (Electrical Power Integrated Systems Center) will provide the floor space and infrastructure needed to test four complete electrical systems.

GE Aviation says the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) is now the largest operator of its F110 engine other than the U.S. government. Today the Evendale-based company announced RSAF has ordered 193 F110-GE-129E engines for 84 new twin-engine Boeing F-15SA aircraft.