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The Perils Of Low-Wage Employment

amazon jobs
Kathy Willens
A worker sorts through items and places orders at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Staten Island in New York.

Bathroom breaks timed to the second. Exceedingly high staff turnover. Vending machines full of ibuprofen painkillers in the workplace. According to author Emily Guendelsberger, features like these aren’t necessarily the exception for low-wage workers. They are the norm.

In her new book, On the Clock: What Low-Wage Work Did to Me and How It Drives America Insane, Guendelsberger details her experience working in three such jobs with Amazon, Convergys (a popular call center outlet for major corporations' customer service) and McDonald's. Many of these new job opportunities are coming to Boone County. Judge Executive Gary Moore said recently that the county would no longer be subsidizing the development of large big box warehouses in the county. 

We will discuss why the county made that decision with County Administrator Jeff Earlywine, who will be joined on Cincinnati Edition by Guendelsberger (@emilygee) to discuss her experiences and her book.

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