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Metro*Now Provides Real-Time Information On Bus Arrivals At Local Stops


What if there was a way to make waiting for the bus a lot easier? Metro*Now, a People?'s Liberty grant project, does this by utilizing off-the-shelf hardware and open source software. Using a tablet display, you just click on any bus stop and see buses arriving at that selected stop in real-time.

According to People?'s Liberty grantee and University of Cincinnati Department of Geography Ph.D. student Daniel Schleith, the first tablet display is up at Market Wines in Findlay Market and three more were installed last week in Over-the-Rhine, Clifton and Walnut Hills.

Daniel Schleith joins us along with fellow grantee, attorney, founder and Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) board member Brad Thomas, and Cincinnati Metro/SORTA Public Relations Manager Brandy Jones to discuss Metro*Now and the Cincinnati transportation system.