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Helping Find Work For Hard-To-Hire Individuals In Our Area

According to U.S. Department of Justice, more than 600,000 individuals return to American neighborhoods after serving time in federal and state prisons, and another 11.4 million cycle through local jails. One of the main challenges these individuals face in their reentry to society is finding employment; many businesses are reluctant to hire former offenders.

The Beacon of Hope Business Alliancein Cincinnati was created to provide hard-to-hire individuals with an opportunity to be employed. Joining us to discuss the Beacon of Hope Business Alliance and second chance programs are Nehemiah Manufacturing Company President Richard Palmerand Nehemiah Manufacturing Operations Manager and second chance employee Michael Taylor. 

The Beacon of Hope Business Alliance is launching a community-wide effort to pave the way to successful Second Chance hiring with an event for CEO's and business owners called Employing Mercy.  The event takes place on Friday, May 13, from 7:30 ? 9:00 a.m. at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. Employing Mercy is sponsored by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Xavier University and Lawn Life, with free breakfast and free parking. Online registration for CEO's and business owners is available through the Beacon of Hope website, or click here.

For more information on local Second Chance programs, visit the Hamilton County Office of Reentry, the Ohio Justice & Policy Centeror Kentucky Reentry