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How Purchasing Power Could Improve Our Food System

Advocates of the Good Food Purchasing Program are encouraging public institutions across the country, including school systems, to adopt the food procurement model.

The Good Food Purchasing Program provides tools and resources to support public institutions in shifting to a food purchasing model that puts local economies, nutrition, workforce, environment and animal welfare front and center. Advocates and allies are working to spread the program across the country by encouraging cities, school districts and other public institutions to adopt local policies.

Several organizations in Los Angeles began using the purchasing model about five years ago. Could it work in Cincinnati? There will be a forum Thursday evening to discuss launching the program here.

Joining us to explain the Good Food Purchasing Program are Sarah Reinhardt, food systems and health analyst with the Union of Concerned Scientists. She’ll be the keynote speaker at Thursday’s event.  We're also joined by Millard Long, founder of KHI, a food-processing company based in Burlington, Kentucky; and Brennan Grayson with the Interfaith Workers Center and Greater Cincinnati Good Food Coalition.

The Greater Cincinnati Good Food Coalition and Union of Concerned Scientists will present “Good Food for All” from 6:00-8:30 Thursday evening. For more information, click here.