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Cincinnati Chief offers schools crisis training

Cincinnati's police chief says he's an advocate of legal gun ownership, but feels like the country needs to do a better job restricting gun sales.  James Craig addressed the deadly school shooting in Connecticut during his news conference Thursday.  He says the idea of simply arming school employees  is not a wise response:

"Certainly we can look at other options, but when you talk about arming  school teachers or a school administrator without the appropriate training, and training is not just going to a target range and being able to hit center mass.  How do you deal with a crisis?  We're talking about a place with children."

Craig says the police department has been involved in robust training during the past year on how to deal with a mass casualty, especially one involving an active shooter.  He wants to offer training to school administrators on how to respond to a crisis on campus.  Craig says it's a program the department is going to develop very quickly.