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Port Authority looking to expand coverage to boost marketing


The Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority (Port Authority) is looking to give the region a bigger edge when it comes to marketing business along the Ohio River.

Right now the Port covers 26 miles. It's looking to expand those boundaries to 205 miles by enlisting 18 counties from Scioto County, Ohio and Greenup County, Kentucky to the East and Jefferson County, Indiana to the west.

Port CEO Laura Brunner says an expanded Cincinnati Tri-State Port District would benefit everyone.

“The current designation of just 26 miles ranks us very low – 49th in the country – and really dilutes the true activity that’s happening here,” she says. “We’re really at the center of approximately 50 million tons of activity, of commerce that flows thru our geographic location and we want to call attention to that as a way to bring even more business to our region.”

Port officials are shopping the idea around. The biggest hurdle they say is making sure counties understand they aren't looking to take over authority in other communities, just band together for marketing purposes.

Brunner would like to see the new port district finalized within a year.