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Hamilton County 2015 budget to look a lot like 2014

Hamilton County's commissioners are tinkering with next year's budget.  But don't expect big changes to what's being spent this year.

"2015 is going to be another lean year in Hamilton County," says Commissioner Greg Hartmann.

The county administratorrecommended creating a sales tax to balance the 2015 budget and build a new crime lab to replace the county's small outdated one.

Commissioners are now offering their alternatives.

Todd Portune keeps the tax increase in his proposalbut would get rid of two property taxes to ease the burden.

Chris Monzel and Greg Hartmann won't support a sales tax increase and are offering slightly different versions of the administrations more austere alternate budget. Both keep spending relatively flat - Hartmann at about $200 million and Monzel at $202 million with the extra money coming from what he believes will be higher than projected revenues.

Neither includes building a new crime lab though Hartmann wants a multi-year plan drafted to address interim repairs. He'd also increase spending on economic development programs.

A public hearing on the 2015 budget is set for Wednesday November 19 during the board's regular 11 a.m. meeting.

Read the budget proposals:

Greg Hartmann

Chris Monzel

Todd Portune

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