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Police Chief Gives Crime Plan To City Manager

Jay Hanselman

Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell presented his 90-day crime reduction plan to City Manager Harry Black Monday afternoon during a meeting at city hall. 

Blackwell slipped out of city hall using a side entrance to avoid reporters gathered at the main doors.  When asked about the plan as he was getting in his car, he called it a "good, comprehensive" plan that he "looks forward to implementing."  Blackwell also said everyone is on the same page and good to go.  

City Manager Black said in a prepared statement "the chief has provided recommendations, that I will review and provide feedback."  The manager said no plan has been formalized, and he expects it to be ready by mid-week.  

The manager's request came last week after the number of non-fatal shootings in the city increased this year, and especially in the last six weeks.