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No Indictment In Hamilton Officer-Involved Shooting

Google Maps Streetview July, 2013.

A Butler County Grand Jury has returned a "no indictment" decision in the case of a fatal officer-involved shooting Aug. 22.

A Hamilton police officer shot and killed 34-year-old Kelley Brandon Forte as police say he charged at the officer with a knife.

Police were responding to reports of a Walgreen's robbery where a pharmacist was being held at knifepoint.

In a release, prosecutor Michael Gmoser says the Grand Jury returned its verdict after reviewing evidence including the surveillance tape, witness testimony and statements, and the coroner's report.

In releasing the decision, Gmoser writes, "Any would-be assailant threatening or using deadly force in the commission of a crime should consider that upon being confronted in the act by police, a failure to immediately surrender may result in the application of justified deadly force by police."