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Real-Time Snow Plow Tracking Part Of New 'CincyInsights'

City of Cincinnati
You can now track Cincinnati's snow plows in real-time during snow events.

The next time snow falls, it will be a lot easier to see which roads have been plowed and which you should avoid. Cincinnati's new CincyInsights website is up and running. It provides up-to-date information on snow plowing, heroin hot spots, pot holes and more.The site has 15 'dashboards' that allow users to comb through interactive datasets. It's an outgrowth of city's Office of Performance and Data Analytics which compiles and publishes information from each city department.

Credit Provided / City of Cincinnati
City of Cincinnati
Interactive maps allow users to see specific information about heroin overdoses and police and fire activity. The data does not include personal health information and the locations are skewed by several hundred feet to protect identities, according to the city.

The website is optimized for use on computers, mobile phones, and tablets. 


TheSnow Plow Tracker(found under the Innovative Government tab) shows how many trucks are in service, where they are, and how many lane miles have been plowed. It also lays out the city's snow priority routes. The tracker will update every five to ten minutes using data from GPS devices on the trucks.

Credit Provided / City of Cincinnati
City of Cincinnati
You can use the pothole map to see if a pothole has been reported and track how long it takes for the city to fix it.

Another dashboard maps reported potholes across the city and provides data on how many have been fixed and how long it took.

Interactive dashboards also map out heroin overdoses, calls for police, fire and EMS services, green space maintenance, street cleaning,private lot abatement, and more.

More dashboards are slated to come online in the future.

Here's a list of what's available now:

•         Heroin Overdoes

•         Fire & Rescue Incident Responses

•         Police: All Response Activity

•         Fire: EMS Incident Response Activity

•         Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV)

•         Certified Vendors (MBE/WBE Program)

•         Contracts Awarded (PRC: MBE/WBE Program) (will be active next week)

•         Snow Plow Tracker

•          Customer Service: Citizen Service Requests (CSR)

•         Greenspace Maintenance Plan

•         Street Sweeping

•         Private Lot Abatement Program (PLAP)

•         Trash Collection Routes

•         Streets: Pavement Condition & Street Rehabilitation Program

•         Streets: CSR Pothole Requests

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