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Citing A 'Lawless Atmosphere,' Pierce Township Sues Local Apartment Complex

Royal Oaks website
On the Green owners have said they would work with Pierce Township to clean up the criminal activity but the Prosecutor's Office says it hasn't happened.

After more than two years of murder, drug dealing and disrepair at Royal Oaks On the Green and Saint Andrews apartment and condominium complex, A Clermont County Judge has issued a temporary injunction against the owners.

Prosecutor Mark Tekulve says, "This is the first step toward a long-term solution. In the coming days, I will be speaking with a potential buyer to learn about their plan to remediate the property. We will continue to work hard to promote the safety of the citizens of Clermont County.”

Tekulve tells WVXU four people have been murdered at the property in the last two years, including Sheriff's Detective Bill Brewer. In addition, police have been dispatched to the location 880 times. That's four to five times the average in the area, he says.

Pictures in the court filing show disrepair and vehicles that have been abandoned. Also attached is communication between the township and the owner to fix the problems. Tekulve says the township has tried to work with the owners for the last couple of years to no avail.

Royal Oaks appointed Cincinnati attorney Ed Collins to represent it. Collins didn't return calls from WVXU in time for this story.

The court complaint says, "The ownership and management have failed to keep up with even basic building, safety and zoning requirements and have created a lawless atmosphere, welcoming drug dealers and murderers into the community."

Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.