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The Yellow Submarine, Jazz Concerts & More

Nick Follger

What an exciting time of music happenings in the Cincinnati area this week!  One of the most exciting ones is the 3-day appearance, 8/17-19, at the Greenwich House Gallery of Ron Campbell who was animator of the Yellow Submarine movie and the Saturday morning Beatles ABC-TV cartoon series in the 60s as well as many other popular cartoons.

There are also upcoming concerts at Riverbend, the Aronoff Center, and a number of jazz venues including the Hilton Netherland, Schwartz's Point, and Washington Platform.

Artwork by Ron Campbell

* Phil DeGreg's jazz concerts this week

* Netherland Hilton - jazz performances

* Schwartz's Point concerts

* Washington Platform concerts

* 8th Annual Cincinnati Ballroom Classic -  Cincinnati’s Hyatt Regency Downtown – 8/16-17-18

* Ron Campbell - 8/17-19 - exhibition of his original artwork at the Greenwich House Gallery in commemoration of Yellow Submarine's 50th anniversary.

Credit Michael Wilson
Bromwell Diehl Band

* SOMM Wine Bar - Price Hill - Bromwell Diehl Band - 8/17

*Aronoff Center - tix on sale for Rock of Ages 11/15 & An Unforgettable Nat King Cole Christmas 12/6-7

* Counting Crows - Riverbend - 9/1

* Felix and Fingers: Dueling Pianos - The Carnegie - 9/8

* Cincinnati Music Academy - adult keyboard classes - start 9/8

No Promises

* Memorial Hall - The Who's Tommy production - 9/14-15-20-21

* Dada Rafiki: The Women Gather- Aronoff Center - 10/19

* No Promises concert - Memorial Hall - 8/30 in support of new cd, All Wet.  Interview with Joshua Steele & Nat Comisar on Around Cincinnati, 8/19, between 7-8pm.

* King Records Gala - Memorial Hall - 8/25 - conversation with Jason Snell will air on Around Cincinnati's 8/19 program between 7-8pm.

* Queen City Kings - conversation with Yemi Oyediran, JP Leong & Kayla Waldron - airs on Around Cincinnati's 8/19 program between 7-8pm.

* Dave Hardin - Southgate House Revival - concert 8/24 - conversation with Elaine Diehl will air on Around Cincinnati's 8/19 program between 7-8pm

* Look for these new posts on Local Exposure's website this week - interviews with Bobby Mackey about the 40th anniversary of his club, Madeleine Peyroux on her new cd and Ludlow Garage gig, plus Douglas Blue Feather who's organized the 3rd Annual Ohio Valley Indigenous Music Festival.