Corporeal Texture: New ways to 'Get Art'

Jan 20, 2014

Many people walk into a contemporary art gallery or museum believing that they are not smart enough to 'get it.' While many contemporary artists do utilize complex theories about art, there are other ways to understand art than theories.

The Corporeal Texture Conference is a graduate student-led conference that will take place on March 1st at the University of Cincinnati.  The conference focuses on how viewers interact with a work of art on a sensory or bodily level.  The speakers at this conference will discuss the various ways textures and surfaces play in how we view or experience art.

Emily Moores, an MFA student at UC's School of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP) explained to me that the idea behind the conference is inspired by the book Visualizing Feeling by Susan Best, who will attend the conference via Skype.  Other presenters at the conference include sculptor Jessica Adanich and Linda Lacina, RN, a specialist in early sensory development at Children's Hospital.

Accompanying the presentations will be art exhibits in DAAP's 840 Gallery, Reed Gallery as well as an event by Pop-Up Cincy.

For more information or to register for the event, please visit this link or email

Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky (arr. Ravel); performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Paavo Järvi, conducting