Environmental educators seeing green in NKY

Jun 21, 2013

Green communities don't happen by accident. That's one of the messages Friday Kentucky environmental educators will discover  as they learn about and visit The Oxbow, The Civic Garden Center, LEED homes, Sanitation District 1 and the Licking River.

During The Kentucky Association for Environmental Education (KAEE) Sustainability Symposium, attendees  will hear from a collaborative network committed to enhancing the Northern Kentucky region through urban sustainable development.

Covington Mayor Sherry Carran helped bring the conference to Northern Kentucky. She says communities need to know the environment plays a role in smart planning. She hopes the teachers take this message back to their classrooms. "We all know this (green space) makes you feel good but now we know there's other benefits and that is making our communities more livable where people feel better about staying and living in a place and also for attracting businesses into an area."