The Story Of Col. Frank Wolford, Commander Of The Union Army's 1st Kentucky Cavalry

Jan 4, 2017

Col. Frank Wolford fought in more than 300 battles and skirmishes and was wounded seven times. A dispute with President Lincoln in 1864 led to his arrest.
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He was a celebrated cavalry officer, nationally known and deeply respected by the soldiers who served under him, and rival of Confederate raider John Hunt Morgan. 

Yet today, only a few scholars know the story of Union Colonel Frank Wolford, Commander of the 1st Kentucky Calvary, a man who nearly changed the face of the country because of a policy dispute with President Abraham Lincoln.

Ronald Wolford Blair, Frank Wolford’s great, great nephew, details his story in the new book, Wild Wolf: The Great Civil War Rivalry. He joins us to discuss Col. Frank Wolford’s life and career.