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Infant Vitality In Cincinnati Improves

Angie Lipscomb Photography

While the local infant mortality rate is still unacceptably high, far higher than the national rate, there have been recent signs of significant improvement. More babies are surviving to their first birthday in Cincinnati than in previous years, a milestone acknowledged earlier this summer at the Cincinnati Health Department’s Infant Vitality Forum. 

Dr. Noble Maseru, commissioner  of the Cincinnati Health Department, joins us to look at the most recent local numbers and trends relating to infant mortality, and vitality, what programs are working to reduce infant mortality, and what more can be done.

For more information on local infant wellness programs and services, call First Steps Program: 513-564-2229 (BABY), or visit Every Child Succeeds, Cradle Cincinnati, Moving Beyond Depression™, or CincinnatiChildrensHospital Medical Center.