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Cincinnati officially has a new top cop

Cincinnati's new police chief is now officially on the job.  

City Manager Milton Dohoney, Jr. administered the oath of office Monday to Jeffrey Blackwell during a ceremony at the Duke Energy Center

“I can assure you all that I will not disappoint nor will I lack the effort or enthusiasm to guide this department to unchartered heights and unparalleled professionalism,” Blackwell said.

The new chief said he'll spend the first month on the job listening to stakeholders and studying the department's assignments.  Blackwell said he'll also be creating a change management team.

“Because I know that too much change, or perpetual change,  can paralyze an organization from delivering optimal service,” Blackwell said.  “Either through confusion or negative morale.”

Mayor Mark Mallory welcomed the new chief and also had a challenge for residents.

“While the chief has the specific responsibility for public safety, the true responsibility for the safety of our community is a collective responsibility, one that we all share,” Mallory said.

Dohoney said the department has many challenges, including working with young people.

“Far too many of our younger demographics settle their disputes large and small with violence,” Dohoney said.  “For whatever reason they have not learned coping, for whatever reason they have not learned the art of reasoning.  That challenge rests before us and it must be addressed.”

Blackwell comes to Cincinnati after serving with the Columbus police department for 26 years.  He most recently was deputy police chief in that city.  He replaces James Craig, who left in June, to be police chief is his hometown, Detroit.