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How Cincinnati plans to save money and boost services

City of Cincinnati

Cincinnati's Chief Performance Officer is outlining how his newly created Office of Performance and Data Analytics plans to save the city money.

Chad Kenney says the goal is to find ways to make city departments and agencies more efficient. He plans to implement a program called CitiStat.

"CitiStat's about relationships and partnerships," says Kenney. "The key is you're combining the firepower of the Office of Performance and Data Analytics with agency content experts to solve problems and elevate issues. It's not about playing 'gotcha' with the a agencies."

Kenney says department heads will have annual reviews with the City Manager.

He adds, the goal isn't just being more efficient, it's also about improving services.

Kenney followed City Manager Harry Black here from Baltimore. When asked during a Cincinnati council committee meeting to give some examples of how CitiStat worked there, he cited reduced times for filling potholes and fixing the water department's billing system which often resulted in costly errors.


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