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Portune Retiring, Streetcar Toddles And Coney Cuts Rides And Jobs


After more than a quarter century in office, a popular local politician is retiring following a return of cancer. Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune’s career has seen him defy the odds, being elected as a Democrat before that was the norm in the region’s most populous but, for generations, heavily Republican county. In a teary announcement Thursday, he said that while cancer is derailing his plans to seek reelection, he will finish his current term.

The Cincinnati Bell Connector, commonly referred to as the Streetcar, is now three years old. What have we learned about this newest addition to the region’s public transit offerings in the years since its launch? And what can we learn from a similar operation in Kansas City?

A federal judge ruled that every American community can take part in settlement talks with the makers of prescription drugs and those who distribute them as numerous government turn their legal ire towards those now accused of being responsible for the nation’s opioid crisis.

A strange flier is showing up in the mailboxes of Ohio voters pushing an anti-Chinese message related to the proposed bailout of nuclear plants in Ohio.

Elsewhere, a national magazine notes that African-American-owned businesses are thriving in Cincinnati, the city’s first medical marijuana dispensary opens, and we say goodbye to the amusement rides at Coney Island – for good.

Joining Cincinnati Edition for the Friday News Review are WCPO transportation reporter Pat Lafleur; Cincinnati Enquirer heroin reporter Terry Demio; Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau reporter Andy Chow; and WVXU reporters Ambriehl Crutchfield, Jay Hanselman, Ann Thompson, and Tana Weingartner.

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