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Budget vote delayed one week

Tana Weingartner

Hamilton County Commissioners are pushing back the date to pass a 2013 general fund budget.

Board President Greg Hartmann'splan has two votes but he'd prefer to present a unified front and have it pass unanimously.

Lone Democrat Todd Portune says, "no offense to Hartmann" but...

“This is a bad budget. It’s a bad budget because of many circumstances beyond our control. It’s a bad budget because of the impact on county and county operations.”

Portune wants the board to reconsider planned budget allocations among the courts. Specifically, he wants more money put toward Juvenile Court.

He also wants within the document a five-year plan to balance the budget.

Commissioner Hartmann granted the postponement, but he shot down Portune's suggestion to raise revenue by issuing securities related to expected Land Bank tax receipts.

“I think that it’s poor public policy… it’s really not balancing a budget if you issue debt to balance a budget for one year,” he says.

The board is now scheduled to take up the matter next Monday.

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