Commissioners weighing budget options

Oct 28, 2013

Hamilton County Commissioners are slated to vote next week on the 2014 general fund budget. Board President Chris Monzel will present some adjustments Monday to the current proposal and he's hoping for universal agreement.

Commissioner Greg Hartmann says what likely won't be in the budget is a response to last weeks appeal from the county coroner for a new crime lab.

"I appreciate we're talking about it now," says Hartmann," but within the numbers that we've got it's not an option for us to grow, for instance, the coroner's personnel budget. Even if we were to do something on the... facility, which we know needs to be addressed."

The third Commission member, Todd Portune, says he also wants to see some direction in the budget related to the coroner's office and the sheriff's department. He says economic development is important too.

"I think economic development has got to be the key focus for our budget and I want to see what kinds of specific targeted approaches toward economic development opportunities we can have reflected in the budget," says Portune.

A vote is expected Wednesday, November 6.