David Mann to be Cranley's vice mayor

Nov 25, 2013

Newly-elected Cincinnati council member David Mann has held the mayor's office before, and now he will serve as new mayor John Cranley's vice mayor.

Cranley announced Mann as his vice mayor Monday afternoon in a press conference at Mann's downtown law office.

Mann served on council from 1974 to 1991, and had three years as mayor at a time when the mayor's office was mostly a ceremonial position.

Both Cranley and Mann are Democrats. Cranley said Mann is someone he can work well with.

“He passes the bus test,’’ Cranley said. “If, God forbid, I am hit by a bus, I know David Mann is someone who can step into the mayor’s office and take over.”

Mann supported Cranley in his successful move to stop the parking meter lease; and has expressed serious doubts about the streetcar project - which Cranley wants to end. Mann said he looking forward to working with the new mayor. 

“Your success will be the city’s success and I hope to be part of helping bring the best possible government and the best possible days to the city of Cincinnati,’’ Mann said.

The 74-year-old Mann served one term in Congress before being defeated by Republican Steve Chabot in 1994. He has been out of office ever since. Mann ran for council this year with endorsements from the Democratic Party and the Charter Committee.