Higher Kenton County tax bill causes confusion

Oct 1, 2012

More then 100 angry property owners called the Kenton County tax office today, upset about an new fee on their bill. The Judge Executive scheduled a news conference to clear up any confusion.

Kenton County property tax bills went out over the weekend and residents noticed a new $85 fee. It's to pay for the consolidated county dispatch center that now includes Covington. Judge Executive Steve Arlinghaus said he was pushing for a monthly electric bill increase but without enough votes and a threatened Duke Energy lawsuit he said the property fee was the only option.

"We do know for a fact over a five year period we will be able to save the taxpayers of Kenton County $4.5 million by having a single disptach center as opposed to three, so it makes sense that we continue down this path."

That may be little comfort to property owners who have more than one parcel of land. They can file an appeal to try to get some of the money back. Also some residents, whose cities who are not part of the consolidation are having to pay double.