Pete Rose Renews Reinstatement Request In Wake Of Astros Scandal

Feb 5, 2020

Pete Rose is once again asking to be reinstated, a move necessary to be considered for Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame. The former Reds player is petitioning baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred to have his name taken off the ineligible list.

The request, first obtained by ESPN, states it's being made in light of recent "disproportionate" decisions for other rules violations. In other words, the Houston Astros cheating scandal.

"...(Rose) advances the new argument that his lifetime ban is disproportionate relative to other punishments imposed for serious violations that also undermined the integrity of the game," the petition states. "Mr. Rose requests that Commissioner Manfred consider this petition in light of recent rule violations by club officials, managers, and players who have severely impugned the integrity of the game of baseball."

Rose and his attorney also seek an in-person meeting with Manfred.

Rose was banned from entering the Hall of Fame for betting on baseball games.

The petition further argues Rose's actions have never been proven to have influenced other players or the outcomes of games, hinting that in light of the recent sign-stealing scandal, "Mr. Rose's ongoing punishment is no longer justifiable as a proportional response to his transgressions."

The commissioner denied Rose's most recent request for reinstatement in 2015. Rose was inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame in 2016.