Political Junkies Discuss The Latest News, From The Shutdown To Roger Stone

Jan 28, 2019

President Trump signs a bill ending the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. For three weeks. The president says if he doesn't get what he thinks is a fair deal from congress by February 15, the government will shut down again, or he will declare a national emergency to fund a border wall. 

Friday's arrest of longtime Trump associate Roger Stone is one of the most high-profile indictments by Robert Mueller in his Russia investigation to date.

And while the 2020 presidential election is more than a year away, the Democratic field of candidates is already getting crowded, with California Senator Kamela Harris and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg the latest to announce their bids for the White House.

Joining Cincinnati Edition for a look at these and other top stories out of Washington D.C. are Political Junkie Ken Rudin (@kenrudin) and WVXU Senior Political Analyst Howard Wilkinson (@howardwilkinson).

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