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Connecting The World To Everything, That's The Internet Of Things


The Internet of things, or IoT, basically refers to the concept of connecting any electrical device to the internet, and to each other. 

Everything from cars to full-home security systems to printers to coffee makers are now available with Wi-Fi capability, enabling you to access and control them from virtually anywhere via your smart-phone or computer.

And IoT goes far beyond the home or workplace, some analysts predict by 2020 there could be more than 26 billion connected devices worldwide. Several efforts are already underway to create "smart cities," with easily-accessible information from and interactive communication with public services, government departments, businesses and transportation systems.

But all of this interconnectivity and accessibility carries risks, and many are concerned about the security of IoT.

Joining us to discuss the Internet of things are Supervisor of Technology with St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Phil Horney; and Software Architect and Developer Dave Hatter.