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Covington Firm's Drug Seeks To Cure Cancer

Ann Thompson
Bexion Pharmaceuticals president and CEO Ray Takigiku.

BXQ-350 to the common eye looks like some sort of alphanumeric mystery, but in reality, it could become a life-saving tool in the fight against cancer.

Bexion Pharmaceuticals, a Covington-based firm, has spent the past several years developing and testing the drug – and is seeing dramatic and positive results. Beginning with tests on adults, BXQ-350 was well-tolerated at all five doses tested, and there were no adverse events attributed to the therapy, the company said last month. Now the drug will return to its roots with testing on pediatric patients.

The technology supporting BXQ-350 was discovered by a faculty member at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Dr. Xiaoyang Qi. The hospital licensed the technology to continue to development with the ultimate goal of bringing the drug to market.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the long process of research, development, and ultimately market launch of BXQ-350 is Bexion Pharmaceuticals president and CEO Ray Takigiku.

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