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Music Hall to be illuminated once again for 2024 BLINK
Music Hall during 2013's Lumenocity.

The BLINK festival will, in a sense, return to its roots next year.

"We're going to be projection mapping Music Hall for the first time since Lumenocity," Executive Director Justin Brookhart said during a Wednesday press conference in Washington Park. "We're very excited to announce we're going to be showing off this beautiful and architecturally historic building that’' right here behind us. We have lots of fun news and ideas behind how we're going to show off this icon off in a grand scale next year."

Brookhart says more details will be released as the event draws closer. The art and light festival will start with the traditional parade Thursday, Oct. 17, and run through Sunday, Oct. 20.

BLINK co-founder Andrew Salzbrun of Agar says this year, they're putting out a call to property owners.

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"If you have a wall that would be great for a mural, raise your hand," Salzman says. "If you have a parking lot that would house a great installation or a live performance, raise your hand."

Salzbrun says there's a special page for such suggestions on the BLINK homepage.

The last BLINK in 2022 drew an average of more than 250,000 people each night.

Salzbrun says because of the pandemic, last year's festival was somewhat rushed into existence. "The artists that did participate worked so hard and so fast to make that happen," he says. "This year — great news — we're going to give the artists more time. We don't have the specific date ready to announce yet, but in September we will be announcing our call to artists. This will be a global call, and we’ll give you multiple months to submit your concepts for BLINK."

Salzman says in 2022, BLINK featured 18 international, 21 U.S., and 32 local artists.

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