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Prim: Older

Prim (clockwise): Ian Gullett, Molly Sullivan, Jake Langknecht and Alessandro Corona

With very little fanfare, Prim has released one of the best local pop recordings of the year.  

When you take time to consider the roster of talent in this band, it is not surprising. Alessandro Corona [Krkgrd], Jake Langknecht [The Never Bird] and Ian Gullett [Diet Audio, Smasherman, Photo Electric] weave a delightful tapestry of soulful melodies, and they do this in conjunction with the amazing Molly Sullivan [No No Knots] who has quickly become one of the supreme voices and songwriters in Cincinnati.

The three-song EP, Older, was both mixed and mastered by Gullett and made available as a 'name your price' release on their bandcamp page in April of this year.

From the very first listen, the music of Prim is just simply beautiful. There is a noticeable warmth to their sound that wraps you up like your favorite worn-out sweater.

Going in reverse track order, the song "Krch" is a relatively sparse track that relies heavily on a rhythmic driving force, delicately balanced by Sullivan's lilting and multi-layered vocals. If I had to make a comparison to a more well-known band, I would draw connections between this and very early 10,000 Maniacs -- back when Natalie Merchant and Rob Buck used to play a virtual game of musical 'tag' with each other.

"Victors," the middle track, is a dark slow-dance - a deeply-reverberant piece, full of swirling guitar and bass, perfumed by Sullivan's insightful lyrics, sung in a way that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Maybe simply because it was the first song I heard from Prim, but "Older" remains my favorite of the three. The sound is reminiscent of early 60's West Coast pop with its 'wall of sound' approach. The lyrics speak universally to how events change us and how we see things - and people - differently through the lens of time.

I'm repeating myself, but Older by Prim is simply a lovely collection of music, beautifully performed and recorded. I cannot recommend strongly enough that you spend a few bucks and grab a copy of it for yourself.  

I don't believe Prim have performed together live in a few months, but if the opportunity arises, please try to catch them as soon and as often as possible.

As for me, I will keep these three songs in heavy rotation and hope for a day when more music from Prim hits the internet.