Dissect The Latest Political Drama With Two Political Junkies

Nov 12, 2018

The midterms were all about President Donald Trump. The Democrats gained control of the house and the Republicans kept control of the senate, with a record number of women elected to congress. But overall, election results were a mixed bag for both parties. Several races are still undecided, including those for Florida governor and senator, which may be headed for recounts.

And the political drama didn't end with Tuesday's election. The following day, Trump held a free-wheeling and combative 90-minute press conference, asked for the resignation of his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, and appointed Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general. Which set off the next in a long line of controversies, as members of both parties declare Whitaker's appointment unconstitutional and many fearing he may end Robert Mueller's Russian Investigation.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the latest news in politics are Political Junkie Ken Rudin (@kenrudin); and WVXU politics reporter Howard Wilkinson (@howardwilkinson).

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