Following Recyling Rules Could Help Prevent Spread Of COVID-19, Rumpke Says

Mar 19, 2020

In the interest of public health, Kenton County is suspending its "Big Blue Recyle Bin" program and is in the process of removing bins from their locations. Rumpke Recycling is continuing but urges customers to help protect its drivers.

In a release, Kenton County says the "safety and health of those involved in the program was a leading factor in this decision" to stop the program.

Rumpke drivers are taking precautions to avoid COVID-19. Spokeswoman Molly Yeager says they wear gloves and safety glasses. The company is urging them to wash their hands more frequently, use hand sanitizer and not touch their face.

What Can Customers Do?

"A lot of our drivers have noted that a lot of tissues and paper towels are loose in trash containers and it causes them concern," says Yeager. To ease their minds, Yeager asks customers to bag their trash.

As far as recycling is concerned, she says the recyclables should be loose but tissues and paper towels shouldn't be in the recycling container.

Here's what you can recycle.

Because recyclables are used to make toilet paper and boxes that companies like Amazon ship, Yeager says this makes it even more important to follow the recycling rules.