Pay By Phone Coming To Cincinnati Parking Meters In July

Jun 29, 2015

It looks like people using Cincinnati parking meters will be able to pay with a smartphone app starting sometime in July.  

A Council committee heard that update Monday.  

When parkers use the app, they'll be able to pay or add time to meters.  But that time will not show up on the actual meter.  

Bob Schroer manages the city's parking system.

“Opening up that communication to put the time back on the meter was going to kill the batteries,” Schroer said.  “Batteries are guaranteed for three years.  But what other cities have experienced, if you try to open that communication to put the time back on the meter, it’s killing the batteries within three to six months.”

Council Member Yvette Simpson says that could be a problem.

“The idea that you’re adding time to your phone and it’s not showing up on the meter is going to confuse a lot of people,” Simpson said.  “I think that point alone is why we need to make sure we are doing intensive community engagement.”

City workers will be installing stickers on the meters to describe how the pay by phone app will work.  

The app was promised earlier this year when the city increased parking meter rates and installed additional smartmeters.