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Host of Cincinnati Edition

Michael Monks brings a broad range of experience to WVXU-FM as the new host of Cincinnati Edition, Cincinnati Public Radio's weekday news and information talk show.

He's the publisher/editor/chief reporter for Northern Kentucky's River City News website who spends his weeknights covering city government or school board meetings.

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The return to class is just a week away for students in the Cincinnati Public School District and this year CPS is accommodating far more young people than anticipated.

ce friday
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In the wake of a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, this past Sunday, Governor Mike DeWine took a dramatic shift Tuesday, unveiling several new proposals to curb gun violence. The move comes after a crowd of mourners chanted "Do something" at the governor during a vigil Sunday night.


A priest serving at Holy Redeemer Parish in the Lewis County city of Vanceburg was removed from ministry this week, the Diocese of Covington announced. Father David Glockner, of Glenmary Home Missioners, was accused of inappropriately touching two high school students while working on a service project in Lewis County.

classic reds book
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The Cincinnati Reds have played more than 20,000 games over their 150-year history, but a pair of authors compiled what they view as the 50 best. Classic Reds: The 50 Greatest Games in Cincinnati Reds History pulls games from three different centuries.

Earlham College

One of the darker sides of America's involvement in World War II was the mass incarceration of an estimated 120,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans in internment camps. The U.S. government forcibly relocated entire families living in the western interior, but 24 students escaped the camps all together by enrolling in Earlham College, a liberal arts institution with Quaker roots in Richmond, Indiana.

social media news
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Last weekend a young man used an AK-47-style rifle to take 22 lives and injure many more outside a Walmart in El-Paso, Texas. Just before that attack, the shooter posted a racist manifesto to an online message board called 8chan, well known as a platform for divisive, racist and far-right rhetoric. 

cincinnati climate change

In a typical year, the Cincinnati region experiences roughly 17 days with a heat index above 90 degrees. The heat index accounts for what it "feels like" outside even if the actual temperature is slightly lower.

john g carlisle school
Courtesy of The River City News

Covington Independent Public Schools announced Tuesday that the district is delaying its return for the new school year. Superintendent Alvin Garrison noted multiple problems with facilities as the reason. School will now start on September 3.

point trees
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The Point/Arc of Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati is constructing a brand new building on Washington Street directly to the north of its longtime home on Pike Street.

As part of its expansion, three trees on Washington Street should come down, executive director Judy Gerding said.

cincinnati recreation commission
Liz Dufour / Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati's 23 recreation centers are a place to socialize, play and swim, but for the thousands of kids who visit them daily, they are so much more. Enquirer reporter Sharon Coolidge recently spent a week at the Price Hill Recreation Center on Hawthorn Avenue to see how the center is an oasis for the community.

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General Electric's aviation program was born in 1919 when the company boosted the power of biplanes taking off in Dayton. GE Aviation, headquartered in Evendale, recently celebrated its centennial. The company’s role in aviation is marked by accomplishments and contributions like creating the engines for American jet fighters in the 1950s and 1960s – enabling pilots and bombers to set speed records.

Dayton, Ohio shooting victim memorial
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Police are continuing to investigate a mass shooting that took place in Dayton, Ohio, Sunday morning. At 1 a.m. Sunday, a shooter opened fire in Dayton's Oregon district, killing nine people and injuring 27 others. Police killed the suspect less than a minute after the shooting began.

fancy farm
Michael Monks/The River City News

It's barely a spot on the map at all, but every time the first Saturday in August rolls around, the tiny community of Fancy Farm becomes the center of Kentucky politics. A small covered stage placed in the middle of the St. Jerome Parish Festival in the far western reaches of the commonwealth is traipsed by Kentucky’s most influential political names as they hurl jokes and not-so-veiled insults at one another, all while being heckled by the virulently partisan crowds.

school supplies
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Back to school season can be one of jittery nerves or unabashed excitement for students who are timid or eager about returning to the classroom after a long summer break. For some families, the new school year also brings about an influx of costs – and a serious financial burden.

ce friday
Jim Nolan / WVXU

President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally at U.S. Bank Arena, drawing supporters and protestors downtown. 

cso lookaround
Courtesy of Cinc / Courtesy of Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra is launching its 125th anniversary season with a flash mob of performances. CSO Look Around is an immersive experience of music with more than 600 artists from 20 local ensembles performing in Cincinnati's Washington Park and Ziegler Park.


When you do the math you can't go wrong with a job in the STEM fields. According to Careercast.com, mathematicians rank No. 2 among the best careers in 2018. The demand for experts who can do statistical analysis is growing in all business sectors and that need is expected to lead to a 23% increase in demand by 2022.

Emily Maxwell / WCPO

If there was any doubt that libraries would remain relevant in the digital age all you have to do is visit one of the many public libraries in Cincinnati to see how these institutions are evolving with the times to serve a vital role in our community. The hushed atmosphere of the quiet neighborhood branches is something of a thing of the past, and the role of the librarian is far more complicated and demanding than administration, cataloging and research. Today's libraries provide many social services from career counseling to help finding housing and mental health services.

solo travel

How do you plan your trips abroad or your little weekend getaways out of town? The growing number of websites that allow you to bid on, compare, bundle and review a variety of offers has made modern travel as simple as a few key strokes. But the role of a travel agent is not a lost art.

dayton kentucky
Michael Monks / The River City News

In June, the Dayton, Ky., city council heard a first reading of what is commonly referred to as a fairness, or human rights, ordinance, and the issue will receive a final reading and official vote next Tuesday. If adopted, the small river city would become the 12th in Kentucky to expand its protections in cases of housing, employment, and other areas to people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.