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Michael Monks brings a broad range of experience to WVXU-FM as the new host of Cincinnati Edition, Cincinnati Public Radio's weekday news and information talk show.

He's the publisher/editor/chief reporter for Northern Kentucky's River City News website who spends his weeknights covering city government or school board meetings.

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Music producer Kick Lee has an ambitious goal; to put an end to starving artists. As a composer he's worked on the sound design team for X-Men: Apocalypse and he's created music for brands including Lexus but he also knows what it's like to struggle just to get paid for your work.

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On Friday the Food and Drug Administration launched its first hearing on Cannabidiol (CBD) products. CBD has become widely available in smoke shops and health food stores in tinctures, creams, seltzers and other products. The acting head of the FDA questioned how much CBD is safe to consume among other questions.  The products have been purported to treat a number of ailments from inflammation to anxiety and insomnia. But what does the science tell us about CBD's effects on the brain and body?

ce friday
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So far, the National Weather Service has confirmed at least 17 tornadoes touched downed in Ohio Monday night. Dayton, Brookville, Trotwood, Celina and other areas suffered severe damage.

joe biden
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President Donald Trump, who will make a state visit to the United Kingdom next week, is taking heat from comments he made during his recent trip to Japan. Trump said he wasn't concerned about North Korea's latest missile launch, and he agreed with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's remark that former Vice President Joe Biden was a "low IQ individual."


Multiple schools in Northern Kentucky were singled out under new guidelines that debuted this academic year within the Kentucky Department of Education. Known as "comprehensive support and improvement," or "CSI" schools, one of three ways that an institution can land on this list is by being among the lowest 5% of Title I or non-Title I schools in the state. Schools in Newport Independent, Covington Independent, Silver Grove Independent, and Boone County received such designations.


In 2017 Kroger closed its grocery in Walnut Hills, placing the neighborhood among several communities in the city considered food deserts, areas without access to fresh, healthy food for miles. The Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation took ownership of the former Kroger building but realized it wasn't viable to get another large grocery retailer into the location. The Foundation is now planning to use grant money to launch a grocery store in a location to be determined.

Provided/United Italian Society of Greater Cincinnati

While Cincinnati is well-known for its German heritage, a large number of Italians immigrated to our region in the late 1800s and throughout the 1900s and also helped shape our customs and culture. And that extends beyond your favorite three, or four, Italian restaurants.


Ahead of Memorial Day, Ohio Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman joined in introducing legislation to honor veterans. The Fallen Warrior Battlefield Cross Memorial Act responds to a 2016 incident at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery where administrators removed a Battlefield Cross replica from the cemetery. The legislation would ensure that veterans are not denied the Battlefield Cross at their graveside.

Eric Broyles
Courtesy of UC Blue Ash

Earlier this year, University of Cincinnati Foundation Trustee Eric Broyles gave the school the largest gift in its history – $1 million. The donation supports the Eric C. Broyles Student Success Scholarship Fund, founded in 2017 to support students pursuing a bachelor's degree at UC Blue Ash.

unlikely film
Courtesy Three Frame Media

During Northern Kentucky University's convocation this January, NKU President Ashish Vaidya showed the feature-length documentary Unlikely. Directed by Three Frame Media Owners Jaye and Adam Fenderson, the film investigates the college dropout crisis and the systemic barriers students face in their pursuit of an education and livable-wage career.

A proposal to construct three new apartment buildings with around 106 new residential units on Grandview Drive in Ft. Mitchell will go before the Kenton County Planning Commission next month.

ce friday
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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin didn't expect such narrow margins in Tuesday's primary. He managed to win the Republican Party nomination with 52 percent of the vote, to face Attorney General Andy Beshear in November. The victory lays the groundwork for a bitter gubernatorial battle. Beshear has filed several lawsuits against the Bevin Administration. Now the two will spar on the campaign trail.

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On a Saturday Cincinnati's City Hall was filled with young women sharing laughs and personal stories. Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard hosted the second annual Girls in Government Day for young women ages 8 to 18. The half-day event exposes girls to careers in local government and gives them the opportunity to meet local elected officials and women in leadership roles.

virginia woolf social justice
Wikimedia Commons / Mount St. Joseph University

Virginia Woolf is one of the most celebrated writers in the English language and in early June, fans of hers from around the world will head to Mount St. Joseph University for the 29th Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf.


Pedestrian deaths have reached a 25-year high nationwide according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. Here in Cincinnati, more than 30 people were struck and killed by cars in the last five years according to WCPO, and pedestrian-involved crashes have increased since 2013. Yet an earlier investigation found traffic enforcement by the Cincinnati Police Department declined from 2009 to 2016.

U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy is about to commission the latest vessel named after the City of Cincinnati. The USS Cincinnati (LCS-20) is an Independence Class Littoral Combat Ship.

Ann Thompson / WVXU

BXQ-350 to the common eye looks like some sort of alphanumeric mystery, but in reality, it could become a life-saving tool in the fight against cancer.

world peace bell
Michael Monks/The River City News

A hotel and mixed-use building along with a parking garage are coming to Newport's World Peace Bell site.

The parking lot adjacent to the local landmark surrounded by Monmouth, York, Fourth and Fifth streets is the last "missing tooth" in the revitalization of this section of Newport's downtown and will offer better connectivity from Newport on the Levee to the city's central business district.


The Ohio Justice and Policy Center has made headlines advocating for the wrongfully convicted. But the legal team takes on many cases where its client's guilt is not in question.

fake news

In an era of fake news, a whole industry has sprung up to police the internet. These news rating agencies, or as Slate coins them, the "Trust Industry," promise to employ their teams of experts and algorithms to weed out falsehoods disguised as news content. One of the latest is NewsGuard, a browser plugin that assigns ratings for many of the internet's most trafficked sites.